Social Work Student Associations

The BYU-H Social Work Student Association (SWSA) provides a mechanism for students to form social interactions and supportive social contacts amongst peers and is a vehicle for future networking. SWSA also advocates for the social work students and encourages them to pursue a quality social work education. SWSA enhances social justice through service opportunities and promoting peace.

Our Goals

  • To be a mechanism for students to have an active voice in the Social Work Program.
  • To provide service opportunities for students to be involved in the community and experience many elements of the social work field.
  • To create an environment for students to network among themselves and support each other by forming a cohesive social work student body.
  • To serve the community and promote peace among human kind.
  • WSA takes part in many activities that support Social Work and the community. Take a look at some photos we have archived of these events.